Empowering You To Stay Safe
The basis of our mission is simple; Empower you and your staff to stay safe, as quickly as possible so you can continue to be productive and profitable. What we do is Not martial arts, Not sport, Not military combat, Not even really self defence!

What we provide you is Personal Safety Training with a unique blend of physical and psychological principles, all focused on avoidance and prevention of violent assault. Everything you will learn is underpinned by simple and easy to learn techniques that have been proven to work in a real world environment.

There Are NO RULES
“The number One Rule of REAL fighting is there are NO RULES.” There will be no referee there to pull your attacker off you. You will not have a coach ready to throw in the towel if you get exhausted and can’t go on. You will be on your own! Thus it is vital to understand how violent offenders operate and how to beat them at their own game. With Urban Personal Safety training, you can stay safe!

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