The Solution

The basis of our mission is simple; Empower you and your staff to stay safe, as quickly as possible so you can continue to be productive and profitable.

Areas that can be covered during your training

  • Threat Level Assessment
  • Controlling and Overcoming Fear
  • Violence Prevention and Avoidance
  • The Criminal Mind
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Verbal De-escalation Skills
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Simple and Easy to learn self defence tactics and strategies
  • Plus a lot more

The Benefits

        • Increased Staff Confidence
        • Higher Levels of Staff Morale
        • Happier/More Productive Staff
        • Growth in your Staff = Growth in your Business




All courses are customised to meet your specific needs.The Process
      1. You invite us to consult with you.
      2. We prepare a course appropriate for the unique personal safety issues of your workplace.
      3. We action your customised training program.
      4. You debrief with staff members and implement procedures to ensure consistency.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation.