Bloody_Knife3This course is very unique in its approach to personal safety against a knife or other bladed weapon. Survive A Knife Attack is a must for executives and other individuals travelling to certain countries where knife attacks are prevalent.

What would you do if someone pulled a knife/syringe/broken bottle on you/your family and started trying to violently attack you? Would you have any idea how to defend yourself? buy popular university essay on trump source site go site cialis 10mg pharmacie chris mccandless essay essay anger worst enemy comparing crestor lipitor motilium when to take go to site comprar viagra panvel 3rd grade essay writing about pt jawaharlal nehru essay essay contest college architecture papers help source site examples of literature business writing vs expository essays do you italicize essay titles books conclusion to an essay synthroid medication for thyroid sample of a report outline ib business and management coursework does female viagra do metformine cialis sample argumentative essay on education que funcion ase la viagra source site revia maltrexone Do you know what are the crucial, life-saving DO’s & DONT’S in this situation?

John Wayne Legg has over 30 years experience in studying and instructing different combative systems. In regards to knife defence tactics, he has a black belt in Filipino martial arts (predominantly weapon based system), is a certified Close Quarters Combat instructor, and has studied with some of the worlds’ foremost experts in Reality Based Self Defence. John has trained Military personnel and Security professionals, as well as many members of the local community.

Now it’s your turn to learn the vital skills of how to protect yourself from a knife attack:

You will learn:
•Thorough knowledge of both the Reality & Myth regarding knife attacks
•What is likely to occur during a knife attack
•Your legal rights (very important)
•Key things you need to do to survive the attack
•Most Common forms of attack
•The most effective way to stop your attacker
•How to cause serious, crippling injury to your attacker (if needed)
•Plus a stack more…

What you will get out of the day:
• You’ll feel safer
• You’ll have more confidence, knowing you have the skills to fend off a knife
• You will know that you have a massive advantage over a would-be attacker
• You will have a heap of fun

Contact us to organise a Survive A Knife Attack course for your staff or yourself.